Southwestern Songline

Southwestern Songline

By Denver C. Davis

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The Paperback Version

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= Meet Teller =

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A rough but endearing Jack-of-all-trades who cannot seem to reconcile himself with the 21st Century.

Feeling shackled by responsibilities, and disillusioned by his business partner’s greed, Teller impulsively walks away from his work, his love, and his life; and with that first step is thrust into a wild and twisting romp through nature and time.

Leaving the Rocky Mountain town of Telluride, Teller’s winding road takes him to New Orleans, to the Florida Keys, and ultimately back to Moab Utah; where deep in Whitewater Canyons, his past and future intersect.

There, along the banks of the Colorado River, Teller is reunited with the woman he abandoned, introduced to an eccentric Archeologist, and realigned with an old friend and colleague. But his joy is offset as he is pushed into a battle of wits with his devious partner, while eluding the efforts of a murderous rival.

Following the discovery of a horde of gold and precious stones hidden by an escaped slave of the Spanish Crown, This humorous adventure mystery becomes a multi-layered web spun around Teller and his companions, an ancient Shaman, and a Navajo Demigod who stirs the entire mix into a supernatural stew.

And as Teller’s adventure grows more complex, he finds that nothing is as it seems, and that friends are sometimes found in the most unlikely of places.


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= Southwestern Songline =


:Written by:
Denver C. Davis


Stories Happen to those who tell them . . ..



= Chapter 1 =

Teller stopped, and looked down at the prints his boots had left in the parched red dirt of this desolate country.

      Skirting the gnarled sage and creosote they grew smaller, step-by-step until they vanished. No more now than a dusty trail to his past.

      Squinting, he looked to their point of origin.

      In the distance, a small dot of color shimmered through the waves of rising heat, floating like a mirage, blue against a pallet of earth tones, ephemeral in context.

      A smile touched his lips and his eyes tightened beneath the shade of his worn hat.       In this vast emptiness that blue dot would be the only proof of his passing. The footprints would vanish with the wind.

      Turning from the flickering blue that was his beloved Dodge truck, Teller looked across the convoluted landscape at massive rock spire that rose two hundred feet into a cloudless blue sky. Like a giant stone finger it beckoned him into this grand panorama. “Come,” it silently teased.

      Teller accepted the invitation, for beyond that stone tower lie his destination. A mineral hot spring high on the banks of the Colorado River, its healing waters percolating up into a nearly perfect sandstone bowl.         Closing his eyes he pictured himself already soaking blissfully in its waters.

      ‘A fitting place to wash away my sins,’ he muttered, and took the first step of many to come.




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Book 1

The best story I’ve read all year! Kudos to Denver C. Davis!! Give us more Teller!!

By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2016

Format: Paperback

It only took a few short chapters to get sucked into this remarkable story. By the end of book one, I was so involved I just could not wait for the second book!! Character development builds as the story unfolds, and at first, I’m not so sure I would like Teller…. he’s kind of an arrogant SOB. But as the amazing story unfolds, we learn more about this guy, and along with him, we learn more about his connection with Coyote, the Navajo ‘trickster’ deity.

There’s a treasure, back stabbing business partners, and a romance that are so intertwined and well written, I read through it one sitting!


I recognize the Wildness and Candid Quality of a TRUE SPIRIT writing Heartfelt stories of Devoted Love for the Landscape and it’

By Joey on September 12, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

If You re Looking for a Full blown Adventure somewhere between the Worlds of the Natural and Supernatural, It’s right in the Pages of THIS Book. After Spending Half of my life in the Southwest on some Sunlit Adventure of Fanciful Youth, I recognize the Wildness and Candid Quality of a TRUE SPIRIT writing Heartfelt stories of Devoted Love for the Landscape and it’s Native People. This Book is full of beautiful Lore Bubbling like a fresh spring from the Youthful Fountains of a Geologically Young Landscape, and an Ancient setting Freely Full of Mysticism and Magic .

What Mr. Davis has accomplished in Southwest Songline , is to incorporate his own personal experiences of actual adventures , with the Enlightened perspective of great Writers the likes of Castenada and Hillerman. His Keen awareness and ability to capture the Land and It’s Peoples in such a way as to illuminate their True Beauty and Natural Allignment , has given us all a true Gift. An Incredible book with an Unbelievable yet somehow Believable Story of Self Reflection and LOVE, with Heart-binding and Riveting Adventure into the Other Worlds possible. The parallel worlds to which we Live , are often never seen, heard or felt. The books Content allows us an opportunity to Comprehend the Greatness of Spiritual Sanctuary.

Not only is it evident in his Tender yet Tough descriptions of The Land and its somewhat Supernatural effect on all who have remained open to what is possible off the beaten trail, but it opens up the Natural Wonders and Mystical impact upon ones imagination when the Southwest is a chosen Haven for the Desires of the Soul to explore things Beyond the Explainable.

This is and will remain for generations, one of the Great Adventure Books of our Lifetimes.

With Admiration and Respect, I thank you Mr. Denver C. Davis, for Bringing back to all of my senses, the Southwest Wonder I felt in my Youth., and Ever-after.

David J. Riley, MSOTR/L

The Fall, a must read for fans of Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Castaneda, Thompson etc.

By z3dsdead on August 8, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

“The Fall” arrived yesterday via Amazon, and I was up late exploring the Tellers Tales. The prose of the opening chapter was ultra-mega-astounding to say the very fewest words or perhaps coin a new one! Tom Robbins may one day have litigators on retainer knocking on your door demanding you refrain from out doing the master, Hunter too may have some concerns even from his cramped quarters. The color and depth of detail in the actual descent from the canyon walls depicted everything I ever wished to describe following countless trips and falls along my way while seeking the unknowable beyond. Whether your intent was deliberate or not, that cascade of optics and lightspeed narration of the brevity of such encounters, demanded I read and reread to totally grasp the vividness of those milliseconds!

Thankfully the reader is allowed respite in the pages to follow, or heart failure could become epidemic should your readers not pace themselves! I can’t help but think that the fish in your photograph being returned to the sea was the embodiment of the savior in your sudden reversal in gravities race to claim you for its own.

When can I get the next installment?

By itoldalthea on July 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

If you’re looking for a good, action-packed, adventurous book to read this summer, or fall, or winter…heck, this spring, this one is it!

Author Denver Davis his knocked it out of the park in his debut novel, Southwestern Songline: Book 1 – The Fall.

Set in SW Colorado and the canyons of Utah, the story follows the exploits of Teller, a man’s man that also has a way with the women.

Teller leaves friends and admirers in his wake, and has a lasting impact on everyone he encounters. The Fall takes us from Telluride to Lake Powell and the journey is full of action, plot twists, romance, intrigue, and suspense. Along the way Teller dips into the realm of the supernatural and brings you, the reader, in with him.

Having grown up in Colorado (but since long removed) the author’s narrative brought me back to a time long ago in my life. While reading his descriptions of the various mountain ranges in SW Colorado, I could easily envision the different locations and return there in my mind’s eye. Whether running rapids in a raft, finding refuge in a cave, or stepping into Teller’s dreams while he sleeps, the author makes the reader feel as if they are a participant in the story rather than an observer. There were times I swear I could smell the river, the trees, and a character or two in desperate need of a shower.

Without giving away the plot I will say the adventures of Teller involve beautiful mountains (and one beautiful mountain woman in particular), raging rivers, Anasazi ruins, hair-raising helicopter flights, ancient spirits manifested in the present, long-lost treasure, music and booze-filled nights in the bars of Durango, and some old-fashioned western justice along the way to boot. The final two-thirds of the book were a very fast read; in fact, I couldn’t put it down. The only disappointment for me was in the finishing of the book and the realization that I’ll have to wait for the release of the second installment to pick up the story again.

As someone who has been an avid reader for 45 years I would rank this offering in my Top 15 of books I’ve ever read, and I recommend it to others without hesitation. The read is worth your time and you’ll be rewarded with a story for the ages for your effort.

I loved this book

By Dynamic duo on July 20, 2015

Format: Paperback

I loved this book! Within just a few pages I was drawn deep into this story like something destined to land in Teller’s frying pan. Just like all the characters in this story also seem to be magnetically drawn to Teller. He’s a man who lives his life the way he wants with no regrets and no apologies, spicing things up wherever he goes…… essence, the kind of person we all wish we had the courage to be. The twists and the turns in this book make it impossible to guess where this story will end. I cant wait for the next two installments in this Southwestern Songline!!

Southwestern Songline Soars Successfully

By Lloyd T Gilbert on July 13, 2015

Format: Paperback

If you loved watching the movie “Goonies” as a kid, you will definitely love Denver Davis’ “Southwestern Songline!” It is like a Goonies for Grownups type of book that makes you embrace each of the colorful characters, journey with them in their adventures, exude excitement regarding the various trails this book takes the reader; with all converging in a “Dark Crystal”-like Great Conjunction towards the end of “The Fall” (Book 1). I can’t wait to get my hands on the next two books! Denver Davis is everyone’s version of Indiana Jones, both in real life and in his gripping prose.

This is definitely a book series that shouldn’t be overlooked!

A New Adventure!

By Jeudi on June 1, 2015

Format: Paperback

I LOVE IT! I want to be friends with these people and go with them on an adventure. The character development is so good that you feel you know each and everyone of them. I have read the complete manuscript and still keep rereading just to be part of the gang again and I know the end. The descriptions of the Canyonlands brings me right back to the southwest when I was hiking and hanging out in that beautiful part of the world. I can’t wait for his next edition of the Trilogy.

Book 2

This trilogy will certainly be a film! I’m dying to see who gets cast as Teller! Hollywood – get on this one!!

By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2016

Format: Paperback

Just finished a one-sitting read of book two, and find myself invested in the outcome! For a three-volume set, this story moves along at a brisk pace, with surprises at every turn, and this second volume seems to increase the pace to the point where I’m begging Mr. Denver Davis to send me an advance copy of the third book so I can have some resolution!!

Well Done, and please……MORE TELLER!

Excellent writing for first time published novel

By glensan on February 25, 2016

Format: Paperback

Can’t wait for volume 3. Excellent writing for first time published novel. The story captures you just a few chapters into the first book, and the chapters are not long, so you can put down the book at anytime to take a break. BUT then it draws you back quickly in anticipation of what happens next. Many interesting characters, and Denver weaves them all together flawlessly. A very realistic plot, and good character development. Highly entertaining.

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About the author





With a poet’s temperament and gypsy’s feet, I have lived my life with a smile and a song. I have been a cowboy, a carpenter, a cross-country ski bum and a back-roads vagabond.

I have sipped chilled champagne on sleek jets, downed Rum on the wooden decks of Sailboats, and drank warm beer in ragged jungles. I have slept with angels, danced with devils, broken rules, bones, and the occasional heart.

The prerequisite of my journey has always been adventure, my destination the unknown, and the road traveled is littered with memories.



Laughter, love, and the hope that one day I’ll catch up with my dreams.

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